any girl that is dating a guy with the first name starting with J. meaning jbaby is j's girlfreind.
hey james can you ask j baby to make us some sandwiches, while we get this shit done
by thasweetbox May 1, 2006
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Baby Jesus in the manger. Can be used as an abbreviation when describing numerous works of religious art and also in the Nativity story. Differentiates between the baby and adult Jesus Just J and is often used in conjunction with the VM
Oh look, another picture with the VM and Baby J.
by Meera Swami January 25, 2007
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Attractive young woman, also reffered to as Pez Dispenser.
Originated in Huntington Beach, CA
You coming to the mall, Baby J?
by Baby J September 23, 2004
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Abbreviation for "baby jiz-rag." The combined human or mythical product of two obnoxious individuals whose faces you'd like to smear with semen.
That little boy Hobby has such uncommonly annoying parents, poor baby j-rag.
by Dracula Mandelker October 12, 2007
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A super cute way for non habitual weed smoking females to drop a hint that they want to (or want you to) roll a joint so they can get high
I'm so glad it's Friday now I can finally hook up with j baby
by Sierra Jade 17 March 22, 2017
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relatively small joint of marijuana, meant to be smoked by one person before they go to sleep
tim: what'd you do last night?
bob: oh, just rolled a baby J and passed out.
tim: ahh, the usual.
by mr-bob-dobalina November 2, 2020
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Let’s step outside and smoke a baby j.
by June 27, 2022
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