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Ivaan is the largest thing in the universe. He is comparable to khyle schiserlkdfjds's ding dong.
Bob - Where is ivaan
Nicholas - Everywhere
by LewisQC February 11, 2019
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Ivaan is a dirty wet back that wants papers thats why he only likes stank pussy white girls from st louis and tries to drug them with his weak ass weed and hates that his neighbor took his bitch in Daytona Beach . Ivaan is fuck boy that takes every picture with his dirty ass pinky on the corner or his lip and hangs out with school shooters - kike&not michael
ivaan is a faggot

ivaan pulls ghetto hoes in st louis

ivann smokes eak ass gas

kike & michy have bigger dicks than ivaan
by KIKEbigDICK&MICHAELb7 October 23, 2017
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