How bad bitches say period aka Miss Rolling Ray, the trendsetter.💋 May also be pronounced as “purrd
Aw what, it’s giving what’s suppose to be gave PURR!
by barbielicious June 13, 2020
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A word that defines when your happy to someone or when your happy. Its often used to a barb.
''I just got my hair done purr''
by absdefghijk September 26, 2020
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girl1- i got a new job

girl2- purr sissss good job
by Raxvexn April 29, 2021
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What you feel like doing after a guy/girl you really like compliments you are is in close proximity to you.
Very strong feeling, almost like you want to grab them and do something to them, usually "naughty" in nature.

Has tremendous effects on your thoughts the rest of the day when you know they like you back.

Can also mean: A mental purr that lasts for a short while after you become slightly aroused by a crush, followed by mild genital arousal.
After so-and-so told me I did great on a test, I mentally purr ed to myself with pleasure.
by RainbowFang October 5, 2010
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When said by a human to another human, it may mean:

1. If I were a dog right now, i'd probably hump your leg.

2. I want to "pounce" you.

3. I'm in heat... let's fuck.

4. I have a concealed boner with your name on it.

5. I am trying to lure you into bed
You see someone you are attracted to, but you don't know what to say to lure them into bed, so you just purr at them
by kittysayspurrrrr August 24, 2011
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Purr is the short version of period!
Girl 1: Ouuu sis look at this

Girl 2: ouu yes purr it’s giving what it’s post to gave.
by 😟. June 23, 2021
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