The singular third-person neutral possessive. Often confused by semi-literates with "it's," which is a contraction of "it is."
Its depressing how smacktarded people are nowadays. I blame Dubya.
by smacktard April 28, 2003
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one of many examples why the english language is a serious mess. "Its" completely inverts the common apostrophe rule, where "'s" usually is a possessive term, but here, the word without the apostrophe is the possessive term. the "'s" of this word is the abbreviated version of "it is".
it's its own fault
by A.U.S January 12, 2023
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I think so because some people think it’s not an abbreviation i’m making it one to make my life easier.
kristina: did hannah get the papers?
cassandra: its, didn’t kayla give it to her
kristina: its
by hopefullythisworks December 17, 2018
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Whoever the fuck wrote "Its depressing how smacktarded people are nowadays. I blame Dubya" as their example for 'its' is fucked.

Its name is ruh-tard and it's a faggot.
by geusier October 8, 2011
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it plural. Used instead of them/they.
Its are going home.
by bread infection November 21, 2009
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It gave it's own to its own it's. The other its each gave its own it's to it's first it's.
by Gearwonk March 5, 2010
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The state of being "it." The feeling of unnameable joy that accompanies a transcendent, quintessential experience.
The layered guitar picking and vocal melody of Big Star's "Thirteen" are perfect on their own, but when combined with the lyrics the song achieves something beyond perfection: a palpable itness.
by bri_xy June 15, 2011
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