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Stands for "bitch that's enough" commonly used towards parents, teachers, and annoying people in an attempt to get rid of them or fuck with them.
Student: You already gave us an essay and a worksheet bte!

Son: Mom i just did the dishes and the trash for you i'm done helping. bte!
ladyfriend: Jeez i already got your 20 messages my phone was dead bte just chill
by vickyd'sbuttmuncher October 13, 2015
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Best Thing Ever!

You might say this often if every cool, cute, or viral video gets you excited. You are the kind of person who posts a thousand links on their facebook.
That adorable kitten video is the BTE!
by ragnarokt October 11, 2010
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A "Breach of Toilet Etiquette" or BTE may occur in a public or office environment where you can find adjoining cubicles.

A BTE is classified as any incident that does not comply with the "Suitable Hospitality In Toilets" guidelines.
Common breaches of toilet etiquette include speaking on a mobile phone while in a cubicle, speaking to a person in an adjoining cubicle, or entering a cubicle from which another person has just walked out (especially where the flush cycle is incomplete, toilet seat warm or other cubicles are available).

Other known examples of BTEs include:

- Multiple persons leaving adjoining cubicles at the same time' and
- Leaving toilet paper on the seat at the conclusion of the 'business'.
by systemx March 26, 2009
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A slang abbreviation used to refer to someone who thinks he/she is Better Than Everyone.
She said she never eats food from McDonalds. What a B.T.E.
by thathauntfreak January 19, 2017
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Hey guys, it's Moq, You're welcome. If you don't agree that I'm BTE then you are going to get BANNED!

He actually thinks he's BTE. Complete frat daddy
"But, I AM bte...."
by Moqfia September 12, 2015
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Girl: I went to the Lil Wayne conert last night!
Friend: OMG, so did I!
Girl & Friend (at same time): BTE!
by oriolesplayer14 September 03, 2011
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