it's aight, it's going, you know how i do, not much. no real definition. commonly a response to What it Do?. sometimes preceded by "i make it..."
T.J.: yeooo g, what it do?
shorty: eh not much, it do what it do.

joe: that was a sweet pass you just made!
jerald: thanks dog, you know.. i just make it do what it do.
by snapplejimmy March 21, 2006
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The act of making something do its intended function.
"Aww yeah, I'm gonna make it do what it do!" - Stinkmeaner
by Bert Brocone April 23, 2008
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if someone is mad at you for something and they dont want to have anything to do with it or you they'll tell you "do what you do". because they see how you are and plan on doing their own thing.
it's kind of along the lines of "whatever" and "you just do you, I'mma do me".

after you've been seeing this guy/girl for a while and expected them to be exclusive to you and they tell they're about to go n hang with this girl/guy they like, and it goes something like this:
"are you mad?"
-"no do what you do" (meaning yea im mad but peace out, if you're gonna pull a stunt like this, im out. have fun with you new bitch)
by binket August 16, 2009
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old def: put arm around a girl, cuddle, just touch
new def: unclip bra, mess around, make out
we do what we do
by hullboat May 5, 2011
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expression explaining that is how they do things and shouldn't be questioned any further
example 1:
person 1- hey why are you always getting into fights when we go out

person 2- hey i do what i do

person 1- ah of course

example 2:

person 1- were you really hitting on that chick last night

person 2- i do what i do

person 1- gotcha
by Eric Kacktastic May 21, 2010
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I make it happen like an operations managers! make the world go round, I get it done, am the reason it works
Q: Hey Joe what you up to?
A: Nothing much, you know,I make it do what it do my nig
by itsBennyBlancob January 7, 2012
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