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Someone who is very beautiful and clean hearted she loves to help people in their difficult times and would give her all. Also very honest and trust worthy
by Prettygyal063 August 13, 2017
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Isra is truly the funniest person you would meet she may be goofy at times but is pure hearted and would give you her all to help you .
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by Taeshooky November 01, 2019
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responsible, beautiful in a different sort of way, school president material, loves attention... but has her place everyone knows who she is...
why is isra not dating anyone?i thought guyz loved her look theyre surrounding her!

yea they do love her they dont LOVE her they just like her as a friend and like her for knowing things...but how come girls dont like her?

i think its cuz she loves attention and uses people a litlle... maybe its unintentionally but i dont think so..

hmmmm....who knows,,
by confusedgirlxoxoxxx March 14, 2009
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Sweet, short tempered, foodie, kind off haphephobic, rude, reserved person, sensitive, confused romantic. People usually take her for granted
Have she been hurt anytime...?
Yes she has been hurt , but she hides her feelings and doesn't want to hurt anyone.

When she gets angry she usually gape's angrily, shouts and if it is uncontrollable then she throws things...

IsShe have a love/crush??
Doenst hav a particular crush, doesn't get involved in love because she is scared of being broken

A person will have amazing time with her while eating.....becausé she loves eating junk food
What abut her hussband, how will he manage with her,

He will be understanding and try to manage at their wedding night

RAA ye ha beuin

She es isra girl

Isra girl is that
by Lisa luvs Christonapher March 16, 2017
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Sweet, warm hearted, loves making new friends, has a short temper. Mostly involved with martial arts. If you break her she breaks you.
Sensitive af but hides it
Confused with life, known for being funny or “a weird kid
isra: hihi hihiii
Boy: shuuuuush
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by I take in little kiddies November 23, 2019
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probably a dumb ass bitch who uses 🤡 too much, she’s pretty popular but hates band kids. she’s a tall hoe and always has her hair in braids or a in a bun. NEVER HAS HER HAIR DOWN. Loves tea but never makes any herself. Her celebrity crush is lil huddie
Someone: omg isra! how’s your dog

Isra: Dead
by dadddddyyyyyyy October 26, 2019
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