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Condition where the inhabitants of an island consider the island their universe. Anything outside the island is foreign, alien, indistinguishable.
Vera suffered from an acute case of the island effect. She never left the island and thought they were insulated to plagues and economic depressions.
by islandeffect December 04, 2009
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An effect that happens to men in regards to only seeing ugly women for an extended period of time, in which they begin to see ugly women as attractive.

This consistently happens to men who work too much, and dont go out often. Especially in low paying, night shift jobs.

Its called the island effect because one is isolated from the attractive, outside world.
Duderbroseph: I dunno what it is about Esmeralda, but she really seems hot lately

Sane person: uhhh... when was the last time you went somewhere besides work and home?

Duderbroseph: i dunno, like a month?

Sane: Island effect.

Duderbroseph: Shit...
by poopiehead1234x5xx March 22, 2012
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