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when you can't decide (or remember) how you are feeling.

it can be a mixture between a positive and negative state of being.
Max: How are you feeling today?
Greg: I'm ishly good.
by grapples crapples February 05, 2011
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Similar to kinda.
Most people may think yes, or no, but you are not thinking that so you would use ISH-LY
"did you do your homework?"
"yeah... ish-ly"
by Myke Payne June 21, 2008
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A suffix that should be used at the end of an adjective or an adverb when you are not completely sure that the trait expressed is actually accurate or true.

-ishly itself is comprised of two suffixes, adding to the sound of confusion. -Ishly, in dictionary definition, means "close to, but not achieving the characteristics of a certain trait."
Uses for -ishly:

He ran quickishly.
I am very smartishly.
The dogs fur is absentishly
by Mr. Noobster May 25, 2018
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