Incase Shit Happens .... It's That Simple
Friend- Why Do You Carry That Knife.
You- For I.S.H.
Friend- I.S.H.?
You- Incase Shit Happens
Friend- Ohhh
by Fuji Jin September 08, 2005
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ish โ€“ interj. or suffix 1. Sort of. 2. Kind of. 3. A little bit. 4. Not quite. 5. Alright. 6. Okay. 7. Decent. 8. Iffy. 9. Somewhat. 10. Not entirely. 11. Yes, except not.
I guess it's ishy...?
by cardenio April 06, 2005
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Lets go to chow at about 6-ish. Actually it could be 545 or 615.
by 540man September 09, 2009
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-ish (suffix): Added to words or sentences to say that you did some action incompletely, or at least not to the questioners extent.
Boss: Did you finish that report I asked you to?

Worker: Yeah, totally. Ish.
by Barkalow May 04, 2009
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