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homosexual from albania, tries hard to get man girls, tried stealing other pupils shemales unsuccessfully, perves on other guys and has sex with family members
dont disturb isat, he's in the room, with his sister
by master October 26, 2003
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(It Seems As Though)... A preparatory phase used before a statement or comment that could "LOCK" a person into a negative thought or belief, the use of this phrase gives the person a spiritual "Back Door" to change if they so choose to do so.
It's believed that a statement or comment made without this phrase will not only "LOCK" the thought or belief into an unchangeable situation but it will become YOUR PERSONAL unchangeable situation.

ie. "That dude is an asshole"

Not only is "That dude an asshole", he's NOW your asshole! "It seems as though" releases the dude from being locked into a negative belief and gives him the spiritual backdoor to change if he chooses to and most importantly releases you from any attachment to the negative situation.
ISAT that chick is too clingy.
ISAT everyone I meet hates me.
by LlamaBizKit January 08, 2018
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