IS is IS. "Is meaning equal" is tautology. Is is simply is.
Is IS is? Yes, is is is.
by Gerard Brian Estrada October 21, 2005
A word that, despite being among the most common in the language, not everyone is sure of the meaning of.
It depends on what your definition of the word is is.
by dave090906 September 13, 2006
In slang, "is" is used to replace "are"
What is you doing?
by Hangnail March 2, 2006
3rd person singular of "to be"
He is confused on how to define "is".
by Joyce326 December 6, 2007
The combination of it and is.
1: hey do you like anime
2: is cool i guess
by themonobox October 17, 2020
Used in the third person, associated with living and being in the now, forgetting the past, disregarding the future, being happy, being content and giving gratitude for everything at this moment.
Keith: "Man, this is living the life... this festival is awesome"

Paul: "Johanna is!"
by PHW January 14, 2010
What rappers have influenced upon today's society, making children of this generation think it's grammically correct to use "is" in place of "are".
part of a chorus from a rap song:
"Damn Girl
How'd you get all that
IS you talkin to me?
Yeah you"

some random guy trying to act tough: "who the hell IS you?"
by Chelsko April 1, 2007