Something you call someone on the internet who is clearly stupid in real life.
Broseph: You're fat.
Zomgdie: ya? wel ur dum lol
Broseph: Zomgdie, I can say honestly and truly that you are a fucking idiot IRL.
by Mal'Ganis March 25, 2009
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Howl Of Terror is a move in the game " WORLD OF WARCRAFT" for Warlocks. When you cast Howl of terror everyone around you within ten yards are flee'd in fear of you.

IRL howl of terror (in real life howl of terror) is what I wish I had at concerts when I am stuck in a mosh pitt..
Shit, this mosh pitt sucks. I wish I had IRL howl of terror.
by Nicholetubrett November 08, 2010
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When someone says something overly cringy over the intranet, and it's so terrible that you said "YIKES!" in real life.
manw0lfz: "Yeet."

Ourly: "oh, that made me yikes irl"
by Ourly January 30, 2020
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Fight me in real life faggot

Often used in online video games and social media sites in a tongue-in-cheek way.
Player 1: I fuked ur mum last night
Player 2: U wot m8?
Player 2: fite me irl fgt
by Xx_ToiletSlayer_xX July 04, 2017
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im about to take a shirt irl

im done shitting now
person 1: hey man do you know where the bathrooms are?
person 2: no, why?
person 1: I really gotta shit
person 1: im done shitting now
im about to go take a shit irl
by I HATE DRONKEYS February 19, 2019
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when you put someones sexual fluids inside a can of soda
hey im coping irl

cool save some soda for me
by based user August 05, 2021
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