Jess: Did you see the new iphone 12?
Joe: Yes... It's just an iphone 11 Apple chooses to keep around a couple more years
Jess: But you can buy it in purple.
Joe: Purple?
Jess: Yes, purple, isn't that amazing???
Joe and Jess: *Screams AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaa*
by casteros May 7, 2021
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exactly the same shit as the 11 just a brick thats priced $300 more and a way for apple to make more money
Jacob- dude did u hear the new iphone 12 came out
Marcus- thats stupid whats new about it, more cameras?
Jacob-oh good point
by idrk8080 November 10, 2020
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The 2020 iPhone that was announced on October 13, 2020. This is the first iPhone to feature 5G on a phone. It has a 6.1" display and the A14 bionic chip. Which is advertised to be the fastest chip in a phone.

It features a "ceramic shield" which is their screen but with a 4x drop resistance than regular glass.
I just got the iPhone 12!

by Atrykohl October 22, 2020
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iPhone 12 is a phone made by Apple, announced with other phones and HomePod mini.
they announced iPhone 12 on October 13
by HKPradil October 23, 2020
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If the iPhone 5S (2013) and the iPhone 11 (2019) had a baby, their baby would be the iPhone 12. There is nothing amazing nor abominable to say about the 12. The usual caveats are present (e.g. higher price), but the sharp and squared-off sides is quite a nice refreshing design choice in my opinion.

Oh, and this is the first iPhone to feature magsafe charging which, more importantly, means that your iPhone is magnetic and you can stick it onto any magnetic surface. Why? Because magnets, man!
Can your iPhone do this? *takes X-ray photo with the OnePlus 8 Pro*
No, but it can do this *sticks iPhone 12 onto a giant magnet*
Oh shit, that is kinda cool tbh.

(this example is /s )
by UltimateDoge October 31, 2021
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the iphone 5 but in 2020.
i got the 2020 version of the iphone 5, the iphone 12 mini
by onetruelegendyt October 14, 2020
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