1. The ban an admin uses when a hacker has five million alts and is tired of banning them separately
Admin: this hacker has so many alts

Person 1: Then IP Ban him

Admin: you, sir, are a smart individual
by DragoBot April 2, 2018
When you act like a real fuktard and then the host bans you with your IP Address.
f-tard: WhAt YoU GoNnA Do AbOuT It?
Killfeed:"qwerty55 has been IP Banned
f-tard:UNBAN ME RIGHT NOWWW!!!*sob*
by Ps4 Name: Barce4life88 August 17, 2019
a scratch ip ban is an ip ban on the website scratch.mit.edu, like for example, scratch user joy784 has one
can you believe that scratch came up with a scratch ip ban?
by nintendoswitchkid March 15, 2022
Banned from ip address
Affects other players or users as well
Can be immuned by VPN for a little bit while because it's just an ip , and VPN is either an ip editor or network booster
And then gets ip banned again
And fuck off don't ask
Bitch_S player:random words like the whole qwerty and toxic things when mod is in the game, while he's actually a n00b in the game
Mod :stop or ur banned

Bitch_S player:no I have bunch of alt acc
Mod:ok then ur ip banned fucker

*Bitch_S player is ip banned*
Bitch_S player:AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (raging)

Back to real life bruh
xXnoobPWN erXx:shut the fuck up I'm also banned because of u
Bitch_S player:I'M GONNA BRING U TO HAELL(hell) TO MEH
*xXnoobPWNerXx dodges and he missed*
xXnoobPWNerXx : what am I gonna do I don't have money for vpn
At least I'm not ded, prob by ring of protagonist