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An invisiboner is a boner that is too small for anyone to notice except the one who has it. Invisiboner is the opposite of micro soft dick.
1. "When I got called up to the front of class, I was worried that everyone would laugh. However I was even more disappointed when no one noticed; That is when I realized my dick is so small that I have an invisiboner."
2. "The stripper grinded on Jim for 20 minutes but thought that he was suffering from a horrible case of erectile dysfunction; Little did she know that he actually was suffering from invisiboner, and was just too small for her to see or feel."
by StonerWithATinyBoner November 16, 2014
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The term you use when you use the upper lining of your shorts/underwear/trousers to support your penis so as to conceal your early morning boner.
Used when you want to prevent awkward conversations with your parents/siblings or any other person around you when you wake up!
Jim: man how come you never get caught with a boner by your wife in the morning?

Tom: looks like you are unaware of the secrets of the invisiboner!
by Thebigdaddy February 01, 2013
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