A late 20th Century Political movement that combines the major features of Marxist Communism and Facism.
" Ah! Another Communitarian Position Paper from Comrad Etzioni!"
by J.E. Walker April 26, 2003
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n. The belief that a society is greater than the sum of its parts, and that the members of an organization ought to work toward improving the organization. Often accused to be "communist" or "fascist".
Communitarianism is perceived to be evil because it opposes the individualistic doctrine of our society.
by DYZTS May 8, 2009
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a person or political party completely void of thought or reason. One void of the ability to think, who enjoys having their rights taken away.
If John McCain and Barack Obama had gay butt sex, their butt baby would be a communitarian.
by Rambojoe2323 October 13, 2008
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