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Someone who constantly talks about how bad and "hardcore" they are over the connected phone lines called the internet. These people usually frequent chat rooms and online forums for the sole purpose of shit talking and gloating to complete strangers to fill the void in their life, something that dosen't impress someone in the REAL WORLD. They also like to troll areas in chat and forums that contain such topics as: Martial Arts, Boxing, Fighting, Excercise, Weight Lifting, Wrestling etc. so they can compete with other lifeless internet whores for the sole purpose of determining who is the biggest nerd of them all. These people talk about how much ass they kick and how they could take on the world single handedly, when in reality, quiver at such ideas of someone who dosen't like them finding them in their parents basement where they thought they were safe. Internet Tough Guys should be regarded as the lowest form of life on Earth. 99% of the time they are liars, who will make completely bogus claims of being 7 feet tall, 400 pounds of pure muscle, and bench 700. Often they have bullshit stories to accompany such shitty claims like "I've wrestled a bear and a lion at the same time, and I kicked both of their asses with ease!" or "I'm a pro boxer who beat Mike Tyson in a backyard brawl with no gloves!" They often reply with sayings such as "fuck you", "i'll kick you ass", "your luckee that i cant get you", and the ever popular "where do you live and ill beat you ass". All threats by Internet Tough Guys should be promply backed up with "Try it with a nerd who buys into your tough guy bullshit".
muscleman1596732: i bet joo wont say that to my face!
muscleman1596732: ill kick your ass where do you live!!
muscleman1596732: i can take teh world on!!11
muscleman1596732: i kicked tysons ass and i no i can kick yers!!!111
by Joe August 30, 2004
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Somebody who frequents internet message boards and chat rooms and tries to project an image of being a badass. Typical internet tough guy behavior may include:

- Claims to be a master of any number of martial arts styles.
- Claims to be incredibly strong and physically fit.
- Threatens violence against other message board members or chat room users who anger or annoy him.
- May claim to an ex-Marine, ex-Special Forces, or gangsta.
- Makes exaggerated claims about his own sexual prowess and ability to seduce women.

Most internet tough guys are liars, and are actually angry, socially-awkward young males who use the internet as a place to act tough because they can't pull it off in real life.
Examples of comments an internet tough guy might make:

"If I knew where you lived in real life, I'd kick your ass for saying that."

"The other night I beat the shit out of some dude who dissed my Harley. I then took his girlfriend (who happens to be a Victoria's Secret model) back to my place and shagged her until the sun came up."
by You Can't Kill the Metal August 07, 2006
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n. An internet toughguy is a person on the internet who acts badass, macho, and tough but in real life is most likely a huge pussy. Internet toughguys usually don't like to be called "fag" for no reason, and can't stand it when people don't play their video games by the rules. Internet toughguys are always hitting on internet girlfriends, and are easily provoked to screaming into their internet microphones whenever they're pissed off. The only way to defeat an internet toughguy is to expose his secret toughguy identity and agree with everything he says.
internet toughguy: "I'm gonna find out where you live and kill you you faggot!"

internet coolguy: "Whoaaaa, look out everybody... we've got an internet toughguy here!"

internet toughguy: "...okay look, all I was trying to do was capture the flag, why'd you kill me and call me a fag?"

internet coolguy: "You're right man, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that. I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings and wasn't sensitive to your needs."

by JimChach January 23, 2006
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A 12 year old who just discovered the internet and all it's anonymity.
There is no example, if you ever even glanced at a forum you've seen at least 1 internet tough guy.
by Guy45 August 28, 2009
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Someone who uses the medium of the Internet to act the "tough guy". This helps re-affirm his heterosexuality and makes up for the lack of self esteem he has.

An internet toughguy will often spend 25 hours a day playing games often reaching the upper echelons & being in a position to do a "Ridgway". When you ask is he is cheating, he will just call you a FAG.
Random gamer: =ASY=The_Ridge how did you do that?

=ASY=The_Ridge: Shut up you fag, do you have a 8800GT? No?... you FAG then im going to ban you from the Internet for life.

Random gamer: Internet toughguy Why di..."user has been disconnected from the server"

=ASY=GingerMatt: Ridge, that was a bit harsh wasnโ€™t it?

*=ASY=GingerMatt has been banned from the server*
by Ginger_Matt August 16, 2007
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Someone who writes/comments on youtube videos/forums and argues with other people or insults other people with extreme confidence (confidence that they normally dont have) due to the anonymity of the internet.

If you tell someone fuck you in real life, they might kick your ass.

If you tell someone fuck you on youtube, they can't kick your ass because they don't know who you are. So ppl like to use this absence of consequence to fullfill their need to raise their self esteem.
Dude, look at this guy talking smack like crazy on youtube, internet tough guys... such losers.
by hondahonda December 09, 2011
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simular to the flamer and angry young man. the internet tough guy is a commonly a individual on the internet who tends to post agressive and threatening posts a marked tendancy towards right wing opnions on pretty much everything. anyone who disagrees with his or on occasion her will usually face a incorherant terade of homosexual referances and direct threats of physical voilence. (despite the sheer implausability of them tracking someone down) irrational hatred of anyone differant or vaguegly left/humane/intelligent or willing to critisise them. Also staunch supposters of anything voilent or aggressive and anyone who isnt is a 'PUSSY LIBERAL FAG'.
in truth internet tough guys are rather sad individuals with little or no dignity or charm
by zombiejack June 19, 2004
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