1)Something I invented.
2)A hair net worn by two old women who can't afford a single hair net. They have fallen through the cracks in the Bush Medicaid drug program, and cannot even afford drugs in Canada.
3)A net used to capture rogue interns.
1)Did I mention I also won an Oscar and the Nobel prize, not to mention the presidential election of 2000?
2)Mabel and Shirley took turns holding the cane, but the internet was something they both had to deal with.
3)Somebody should have used the internet on Monica Lewinsky. They only used the presidnet in a nuclear emergency.
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A vast source of mp3, warez, crackz, DivX and other leet stuff. D00ds are also known to cum here for a netsex quickie (mostly with other d00ds sporting nicks such as H0tCunT). I´ve heard chix actually do chat down here sometimes (mostly with other chix).
Above all, its the largest depot of pr0n known to mankind.
The Internet is down for maintenance.
by Hugh G Rection September 17, 2003
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Originally an information sharing virtual community. However, now it is simply a haven for people who think they are entitled to spreading their stupidity, and also people who abuse the anonymous nature of the internet to act like a prat. The worst thing to ever happen to humanity.
Unfortunatley I am not lame enough to invent an example of the rampart stupidity available on the internet, just trust me on this one.
by Rowdycc August 30, 2005
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I still need to get my homework done, file FAFSA form, and work on my novel, but I'll just reply to this post for a few more . . .

*checks clock*

DAMN! I've been on the internet for five hours already?
by Killing Kittens May 05, 2006
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Somthing that the average joe will never know of. Used only by the secret service and its commanders, the Internets is a top secret way of transfering information around the globe at the speed of light. George W. Bush thought of the idea after consuming a high amount of Coke and Pepsi together, while watching porn on the "Internet"
Bush: Hmmmmmmm, The Internet is too untrustworthy. I must create somthing more powerful............. The Internets!
by Sam Burns July 08, 2006
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