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Me: this fuckin slow internet connection is a piece of shit. fuck this slow ass shit.
by mydudefrank July 17, 2019
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An invention made to make humans speak less personally and socialize on a non-face-to-face manner. It is used as a part of dating/relationship. It is used as a means of looking up your crush(es). Also, referred to as an invention of demons.
Is that an (internet-connected) computer?
Do you have an internet-connected computer?
by solvictus November 30, 2009
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Why is my internet connection so bad? I just ran out of wifi for the 963d time in 2 hours!
by BigSmoke40 December 4, 2020
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What every single website, program, and application would say when you are not connected/have problems with your Wi-Fi AND IT'S ABSOLUTELY ANNOYING especially when you have fun at it
Isn't it cruel that when you have fun with the website/program/application that you have and then all of a sudden a little box appeared that said "Please check your internet connection and try again." then you got disconnected from it
by Devonalfiano July 11, 2021
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the thing that pops up on your phone when your parents found out you've been watching Porn
No internet connection? time to talk to your parents t('-'t)
by Dying_Fish t('-'t) July 29, 2017
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