A common way to compress video. Each frame of an interlaced video signal shows every other horizontal line of the image. As the frames are projected onto the screen, the video signal alternates between showing even and odd lines. When it is done really fast, around “60” frames per second, the video image looks smooth to the human eye!
As soon as they figured out how to interlace the after school film, it came into crystal clear focus!
by Caelin’s Dad! April 12, 2020
When two people hold hands and "interlace" fingers to form a bond so strong that nobody can break it.
With their fingers interlaced for 61 day, John and Chelsea have become one.
by Double Downs June 29, 2011
When you're walking alongside a date, and, without your consent, they hold your hand with the fingers interlaced with one another as a gesture to claim you as theirs. A public display of "I'm in a relationship with this person." Especially relevant when you are in the early stages of dating, and one party isn't sure how they feel about the other, so it's incredibly uncomfortable and awkward.
"How was your date last night?" "It was alright, but she totally did a Forced Interlace on me! I tried to block her and tighten my hand up, but she was relentless... so we held hands the rest of the way to the train. Gah!"
by blah-blah-blah-di-da December 19, 2014
A girl that scares guys away because she gets overly attached to them, to the point of it being creepy.
I'm not sure about this girl I'm going out with, she's a bit of an interlace.
by Tepidgrain78448 January 9, 2016