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Is a term used by medical professionals today to diagnose people who have cognitive impairments ranging from mild intellectual disability to severe intellectual disability. scientist claim that the most likely cause of intellectual disability is either an infection during pregnancy, and or and environmental trigger such as mercury and or a traumatic brain injury, or TBI
"My God, why are you in special ed?"

"I have a form of an intellectual disability, that require special accommodations for me to learn at the same rate as everyone else.the doctor said that my IQ is not really affected by much but I have a significant learning disability that is linked to my autism. you do know what autism is right?

"yeah, my older brother has autism in a matter of fact my mom says he has Aspergers Syndrome, is that what you have as well?"

Well, yeah I have aspergers as well as ADHD OCD and because I was being bullied so much and called "retard" all the time I also suffer from depression and anger problems now. I'm actually being sent to the principal's office right now for getting the fight last week. some kid called me the R word and when I asked him to apologize he punched me in the face. I retaliated by throw my backpack in his face and calling him some very bad words as well which I do deserve to be going out to the principal's office for and I really don't want to repeat what I said to that kid you should have seen how I was yelling at him and cursing him out!

"Damn, you must have been pissed! You're lucky you want me I would have made sure he got a bloody nose not just a backpack thrown at him and being cursed out, you don't deserve to be going to the principal's office you should be held as a hero for standing up for yourself!I will be your advocate to make sure you don't get suspended or expelled or even get any detention.
by autistic nerd 1991 March 09, 2015
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