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integrous - having integrity. Possessing characteristics of honor, valor, loyalty, dedication, and respect.
"She ain't no integrous bitch. I done seen her flapping her jacks and poot-nanny at them men from the chamber pot depot. An I heard she married that dumb boy who ain't done no good for no one ever. She just use him as a pole to jig jig on when she be itchy.
by Vorlon007 August 21, 2016
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full of integrity; integrity
You should vote for John Dough for Congress because he is a very honest and integrous leader.
by Mike DeNuccio July 23, 2004
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I realised there is no proper adjective form for 'integrity', so I made my own.
"The Earth has a wonderfully integrous character"
by D&MMD November 01, 2018
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describes someone (or something) that does what they said they’ll do, how they said they’d do it, within the timeframe to which they committed
I’m grateful to be backed by the full faith and credit of such an integrous company.
by SessyTime April 07, 2019
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