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this neologism stems from the seminal hip-hop release deltron 3030 by the group of the same name (dan the automator, del tha funkee homosapien, kid koala), specifically track 3, "the fantabulous rap extravaganza."

usage: instupituous refers to something that is beyond dope, possibly interspatial, maybe boasting jet propulsion or at least better rhymes than any you've ever heard, including the time your cousin d-pennyweight busted freestyles for an hour and a half while you and your girl jammed to it by a bonfire on the beach out of the back of a 1967 chevy nova.
be there for the rap battle
it's going to be interspectacular!
it'll blow your socks off
it's one of those things where machine vs. man
man vs. woman
woman vs. your mother
be there intergalactic rap battle,
it's instupituous!
by tht! tne January 05, 2005
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An adjective used to describe a noun or event of such spectacular nature that thinking about it makes you stupid.

Also used to describe an action or behavior involving such a high degree of skill that it is incomprehencible to the lay person.
While attempting to wade through a sea of wack MC's Deltron 3030 was able to construct rhymes so instupituous that none could match it.
by Anonomous 3463 October 30, 2011
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A word used to discribe someone or something so fantastically awsome that a 1000 page essay couldn't even begin to discribe their greatness.
"Sarah is so awsome, she's...instupituous."
"Whats that mean?"
"Who am I, your personal dictionary? Go look it up."
"You just made that word up didn't you?"
by Geggr March 22, 2006
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