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One who cannot sleep, or one who will keep waking up in the night due to their lack of sanity.
"Bryan got no sleep last night, the voices in his head kept him awake".
"He has insomnia?"
"Worse, he's an insomaniac"
by Nobodylikesmelol November 07, 2018
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One who cannot sleep and has a hard time trying to fall asleep all night
Ken: Dude, I can't come! I was up like a insomaniac it's happening everyday!
Justin: Damn man. I think you should see the doctor
by I AM COOL GUY123 September 22, 2018
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A kick-ass hot bitch that gained notoriety on the Fok! network for basically being what she's really good at: A kick-ass hot bitch.
"FUCK that Insomaniac's hot, I'd fuck her any day of the week dude..."

"Man... straight up: You'd faint in anticipation the minute she would even look at your zipper..."
by Cochese March 07, 2005
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