The term used to describe one of the worlds most spectacular car races... well, it used to be spectacular. But now due to the downfall in american open wheel racing, this race has lost its previous heritage and prestigue. and there is only one man to blame this on, Indianapolous Motor Speedway owner and IndyRacingLeague Founder Tony George
the indy 500? meh, thats not special anymore, id rather watch the champcar race in monterrey mexico, or a race involving cockroaches at the local bar...
by Josh Pickard May 16, 2005
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"Yo the whole block reaks of cumin, must be that indy 500!"
"Step into the engineering department of any university in America and you'll think it's the indy 500"
"That nigga Yohan has his whole family for his 18th birthday, looks like the fuckin indy 500..."
by netstryke September 9, 2005
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1. to leave someplace
2. to leave someplace quickly
The popos are here, I'm indy 500.
by Phil Kuntz December 2, 2002
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Rather than take the time to get to the Indy 500 just to see it we just went to see a movie.
by The Return of Light Joker April 12, 2010
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Bout to go hit some Indy 500 before bed!
by trehouselighter420 February 21, 2023
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