(noun;adjective) One-hundred eighty pounds - the accepted weight at which a chubby girl is truly classified as a fat chick, no ifs, ands or buts (but definitely too much "butt"). As porker lard seems to increase exponentially in effect, a "double industry-standard" is about 220 lbs. and a "triple" starts around 260.
As the industry-standard bullied her way past Glenn, he smiled and once again thanked Heaven that his wife was nowhere near industry-standard weight.
by Lardass October 5, 2003
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A bunch of unwritten rules people should follow when it comes to dating, think Swingers meets Dr Phil. Most of these rules just end up causing annoyance, confusion, and failure within normal human beings.
- Cocky Guy: "A guy should wait a week before calling a girl after a first date"
- Egotistical Girl: "By then she would have found somebody else to go on a date with"
- Person with a Brain: "Seriously fuck the industry standard"
by Delightfully_Wicked March 8, 2011
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The Music Industry Standard Response is the general reply you will get from emailing or calling someone in the music industry. IE: NO FRIGGIN REPLY WHATSOEVER... NONE, RADIO SILENCE, A VOID OF COMMUNICATION, Absolutely bugger all response.

MISR is used by almost any part of the music industry as the first port of call when faced with a long question, a question they don't like, or respect enough with an answer.
"Hi Sir, I would like to book the Bum Luvin' Criminals for my wedding, do you think they would like $10k ?"

*Silence* - Music Industry Standard Response (ie no reply)

...And a day later we watch a bit of bush roll by, and a squeaky sign squeak in the wind.
by WhateverIamtoobusyforthis December 9, 2011
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