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indian time means you leave/arrive "whenever the spirit moves you"
Frank: "Hey, when do you wanna get goin?"
Bourt: "Indian time."
"I'm on indian time."
by Frank the Tank October 2, 2004
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when a native says they are going to show/leave at this time but they end up showing/leaving way later.
Friend: I'll be leaving at 5PM
Me: Okay (:
..5:30PM still not here..
*Friend shows up at 6:30PM*
Me: Of course you come here indian time
by pixie1337 May 30, 2012
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A time schedule used by people from India that generally runs between a half hour to an hour behind the general accepted time of the area. Often this frustrates or annoys other people not on the SIT schedule. It also be abreviated as SIT.
Anurag is late again.....that man runs on Standard Indian Time.
by Nick Lauda July 16, 2011
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when a male takes a dump into a condom, then using the condom as a dildo to his partner. the condom then breaks, resulting in "explosion" of the indian time bomb
i have my girlfriend an Indian Time Bomb last night and she freaked out!
by snicker licker November 29, 2009
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The name for Indian people always being late to parties but early for lame things ie school
Person 1-Why was Viren so late?!
Viren- Indian standard time bro
by Waffleman212 July 4, 2015
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A book who many schools review from grades 7-9.

It is a torture device which leaves many youths disturbed and bored.
Person1: Did you read the fifth chapter of Absolutely True Diary Of A Part Time Indian today?
Person2: Yeah... I don't think I'll ever be the same...
by Jehovas witness October 9, 2020
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