being unable to have sexual intercourse due to menstruation; the onset of menstrual bleeding
Everytime I want some from my wife, she's always in the red zone.

by Picklez July 21, 2006
A girl's vagina while she's on her period.
Mike didn't get any action last night from Erin, she doesn't allow any red zone play while Aunt Flo is in town.
by dungpow September 21, 2009
A drink consisting of Sailor Jerry rum and Mountain Dew Code Red.
Do you feel like stepping in the red zone or are you gonna be a little bitch.
by Theodore Broosevelt March 30, 2010
The Red Zone Section on a packet of contraceptive pills indicating when menstruation is due to start, this helps couples prepare for a possible drought or messy play.
Guy: What's the problem?
Girl: I'm nearly at the Red Zone on my pills!
Guy: Oh, that time again :s
Girl: Yeah, Red Zone
by Drew's Chew October 25, 2011
A territory or neighborhood contained of "blood" gang members.
Yo lets meet up wit dem bloods on 4th street in the red zone.
by floridagoon August 17, 2008
An area where cocaine is sold. Usually referring to a drug dealer's territory.
They're heading to the Red Zone for an 8 ball.
by FJS December 7, 2007
Slang for the ghetto's of Reading, Pennsylvania. Most often used to describe the south side of town but can also be used to reference other poor city neighborhoods such as jamestown and oakbrook.
"Yo, I was in the red zone last night cause I had to grab my lil' whatever whatevers!"
by crackCAT$ May 27, 2009