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A stupid or silly person. A knuckle headed and childish person. Usually accompanied by the need for instant gratification.
"Ted bought a new car instead of paying for his kids child support, because Ted is a noodle head."
by crackCAT$ May 27, 2009

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Name givin to reference the northern suburbs of Ephrata, PA. Technically this area is divided up into East and West Cocalico Townships. West Cocalico is more sparse & detached while East Cocalico Township is one of the larger townships in Pennsylvania.

Cocalico is known to be a generally boring place. It's major commercial hub Denver, Pa doesn't even posess a grocery store. The older residents of cocalico are generally intolerent people who dislike minorities and go to the local vfw 4 days a week.
"Ephrata wasn't gay enough for my family, so i decided to purchase a home in East Cocalico."
by crackCAT$ May 31, 2009

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Slang for the ghetto's of Reading, Pennsylvania. Most often used to describe the south side of town but can also be used to reference other poor city neighborhoods such as jamestown and oakbrook.
"Yo, I was in the red zone last night cause I had to grab my lil' whatever whatevers!"
by crackCAT$ May 27, 2009

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