1) awesome green day cd, came out in 1997, i believe, has a much darker feel to it than dookie, but JUST AS GOOD.

2) often the awesomest people to be around! really wired, hyped up on caffeine, do really odd things...
1) GD Fan: "I was listening to imsomniac the other day" GD Poseur fan: "Oh... um.. ok... i don't know what that is... GD Fan: "It's a Green Day CD." Poseur fan: "Really? They came out with a new one after American idiot?!?!"

2) I can't fall asleep... yay..........
by sexy fucker September 19, 2005
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The Green Day CD is INsomniac, not IMsomniac, and it came out in '95.

I don't think imsomniac is a word.

"Imsomniac" is a typo for "Insomniac", a Green Day CD.
Opps, I meant to say "Insomniac", not imsomniac.
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