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A band from Oakland, CA. The band consists of three main members (Billie Joe, Mike and Tre). They have made 11 albums since 1990. People seem to think that they went mainstream w. "American Idiot", when in reality they went mainstream in oh... '94.

I'd like to state the fact that Green Day released "American Idiot" BEFORE Bush was re-relceted.

-or a day spent wasted on pot
I went to a Green Day concert, yesterday. I wish they would have played "When I Come Around".

Dude, man, yesterday I was like soooo high... totaly green day.
by urbandictionaryinsistsiuseaname January 22, 2007
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The Green Day CD is INsomniac, not IMsomniac, and it came out in '95.

I don't think imsomniac is a word.

"Imsomniac" is a typo for "Insomniac", a Green Day CD.
Opps, I meant to say "Insomniac", not imsomniac.
by urbandictionaryinsistsiuseaname January 21, 2007
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The "question" of who's a Green Day fan or not.

Some people (Green Day snobs) think that because they knew of Green Day before "American Idiot" they knew Green Day before they went mainstream. They think that anyone who didn't know about them before "American Idiot" is a poser. The "better fans" seem to think that when Green Day won a grammy for "Dookie", and "Dookie" sold ten million copies, it wasn't going mainstream.

It's annoying when people only like Green Day because they think Billie Joe "is hott", and people can be pissed, but telling said teeny-bopped off won't do anything.

Green Day rocks. Old stuff and new.
Green Day 'controversy' is supposed question of who's a "valid fan" of not.
GD snob: "Your first album was 'American Idiot'?!POSER! You make me sick!"
GD fan: "You know, it was, but I like '1039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours' better."
by urbandictionaryinsistsiuseaname January 21, 2007
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