When someone who believes their own accomplishments were simply because of luck, tricking others into thinking they are intelligent, or timing. When in reality they did them on their own. It's most seen among people who are in higher education, or high achieving jobs.
Sally: I don't belong here. Everyone else seems to know what's going on except me!

A few other classmates: Don't worry we don't quite understand the material either. Maybe you are just going through imposter syndrome.
by OlePapaBear December 13, 2015
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When an innocent player in Among Us plays like dogshit and gives the actual imposters the win
Person A: Guys I saw black vent

Everyone Else: Ok
Imposters win

Everyone: You are a 3rd imposter
by Le Funny Man September 12, 2020
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Importer disorder or syndrome is when someone who is afraid of people thinking they are not smart even tho they are. Even through success they feel like a disappointment. They might be afraid to ask for help with something they struggle with because if they don't get it right away it will show there lack of intelligence and point them out as fraudulent.
ex 1.
Person 1: wow Greg did a really good job.
Person 2: tell him that in his mind he didn't do anything right, he has imposter-disorder.
Ex 2.
Person 1: Hey Josh I heard your behind in physics I can help you catch up
Josh: *in head* what if he trys to teach me and I can't figure it out? He'll know I'm stupid
Josh: thanks but I'll just study on my own.
by Wishywashy34 January 05, 2019
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When you keep accusing the wrong people in Among Us.
Oh god, he isn't the imposter, great now I'm the third imposter.
by theyarngamer September 08, 2020
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when the imposter sussy😳😳😳
When red is the sussy imposter😳
by Mr Skeld April 18, 2021
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Someone who is unknowingly tricked into actively working against their side and themselves. The word comes from the game Among Us which is a murder mystery game where there are 2 murderers called imposters.
Yellow: I was in O2
Blue: No you weren’t, I saw you vent in electrical.
Green: yellows clear, if he were imposter he’d have killed me many times. Blue I think you’re the imposter.
Blue: Stfu green. You realize you’re the third imposter, right?
by AmurrJuan September 15, 2020
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