When you're a 2 brain-celled pathetic excuse for a human who can't even spell impostor correctly.
Red: Blue vented, he's the imposter!!
Blue: There's no e in impostor you sad skin sack filled with meat.
by Prof. No Name January 16, 2021
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A woman who had just given a man oral sex and later did the same to a woman, and gets the woman pregnant, later claiming that the baby is hers and demanding compensation.
I was about to make her breakfast, but when I looked down, I realised that she was The Imposter!
by _Clarity_ December 24, 2020
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a crewmate who costs the game because they believe and makes everyone believe a crewmate is an imposter
Dathi De Nogla played third imposter last night on stream
by MacTarantino September 8, 2020
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an imposter who is very sussy (sus) he has been caught venting in the sussy room (very sussy)
my mom is a sussy imposter
by non sussy crewmate January 21, 2021
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When someone who believes their own accomplishments were simply because of luck, tricking others into thinking they are intelligent, or timing. When in reality they did them on their own. It's most seen among people who are in higher education, or high achieving jobs.
Sally: I don't belong here. Everyone else seems to know what's going on except me!

A few other classmates: Don't worry we don't quite understand the material either. Maybe you are just going through imposter syndrome.
by OlePapaBear December 13, 2015
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when the imposter sussy😳😳😳
When red is the sussy imposter😳
by Mr Skeld April 18, 2021
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When an innocent player in Among Us plays like dogshit and gives the actual imposters the win
Person A: Guys I saw black vent

Everyone Else: Ok
Imposters win

Everyone: You are a 3rd imposter
by Le Funny Man September 12, 2020
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