gets rid of your sharts, diarrhea and anything else that could possibly come outof your ass.
buy it in stores.
God i have the sharts.

I have imodium in my bag.

Thanks, man i gonna need it.
by Shartieee July 21, 2008
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Eugene: Lordy, Yancy, why the hell are you grinning so big?

Yancy: I haven't pooped in eight days!

Eugene: Really, why is that?

Yancy: I killed a couple of bottles of Imodium last week. *wink*

Eugene: Oh.
by Pissant Fuckwad April 23, 2010
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(n) A technique where one decides not to cheat on his or her significant other by feigning an oncoming outbreak of diarrhea. The Imodium Maneuver allows one to save face and remain loyal to his or her significant other without insulting the other party or parties.
Pat was in a hot tub full of strippers and totally wanted to cheat, but then he used the Imodium Maneuver. The girls weren't insulted and he excused himself - everything was cool.
by ColbertEagle November 02, 2010
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