to say something so significantly important that it must be kept as such forEVER
man, B.,...that comment was so funny that shit should be IMMORTALIZED!
by hardcoreskemma April 10, 2011
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what j grimes (junior grimes) has become
Junior grimes is immortalized, his ascension is inevitable and the earth shall be his to forever conquer and enslave its people
by U R clueless November 3, 2021
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Something that does not end. Death is non-existant for immortals, like division by zero.

Or finding an exit to a never-ending tunnel.

Or trying to cross a door that doesn't exist.

Eternal life, to live forever.
Dude#1: I killed an immortal haha!!

Dude#2: If you killed him, he wasn't really immortal

Dude#1: #$%@!!!!

Dude#2: lol
by dududududude May 3, 2009
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The act of cold water therapy, no fapping or PMO, one mealing or OMAD, intermittent fasting, floor sleeping, earthing, consuming alkaline & reverse osmosis water, and hanging upside down booting, Dan’s Dad.
Jumping into the ocean, lake, pond, during severe cold weather conditions such as winter storm is immortalitying.
by JSQ February 21, 2019
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A term that is often misused in refferance to someone really tough or is hard to kill.

The actual term means it cannot die, no matter what.

'Vampires' definition of immortality is often misleading. Where it is true vampires can live forever, they can still be killed via sunlight and other various means. This means they are, in fact, not immortal. The same goes with characters like Kratos from the video game 'God of war 2'. He had his immortality taken away, and was mortal again. Because there was a way to take away his 'immortality', he wasn't really immortal in the first place.

Immortals are not liable or subject to death. If there is a way to kill them, they aren't really immortal.

The true definition means 'unending life'.

There are several meathods of immortality. One is regenerative abilities, to be able to regenerate from absolutely nothing. Another way is resurrection, where one can never really die but instead their death is their rebirth and they simply reincarnate like a Phoenix without the use of ashes. And of course, last but not least, the invulnurable kind. The ones that you just can't harm.

Immortals have lived forever with no way of dying and were/always be around, and mortals who achieve immortality eliminate death altogether forever. This is sad however as eventually they will be forced to live in a boring and unending existence with no way out because they cannot kill themselves to stop it and no way to reverse the process. You are immortal, it's impossible become mortal again because that would mean death is a possibility, a fate impossible for an immortal.
Abundant health and vitality.
Infinite health. Automatically instant refilling health bar when it reaches zero.

Immortals can jump off a building and live.

They wouldn't die even if you killed them. There is no way to kill an immortal.

Year 1: Dude, check it out! I'm immortal!
999999999 years later:
by Superbad11114 June 19, 2009
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A very great Black Metal band. Formed in 1990 in Norway by Abbath (Olve Eikemo). Lyrical themes include: Winter, Grimness, Darkness, Blashyrkh. Recently Disbanded. Long live the kings.

Last cd: Sons of Northern Darkness
"Man, it sucks that Immortal Broke up."
"Immortal still fucking rule, even if they broke up"
by Damon April 15, 2004
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The act of trying to add a word to urbandictionary so that one's creative word-smithing can become immortalized. Coined by Anthony Holden on Facebook late March 2009.
Dude, what the hell does that mean?

Man, I don't know, I just made that shit up.

Well you're one witty mother fucker. You oughtta patent that shit or something.

Dude, I already submitted it to for immortalization.
by MasterOpieWan March 26, 2009
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