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Another way of saying that a person is ignorant.
"man that fool is ignet when it comes to women"
by george December 11, 2003
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Ignet is a variation of Ignorant but, refers to a person who is actually too stupid to be considered fully Ignorant. Which of course is worse than simply being ignorant!

*Note* Can also be used as a noun to simply refer to one who offically meets all ignet qualifications.
1. I made this word up, anyone else using it stole it from me which makes you ignet!

2. You are an ignet son of a cum gobbling one tittied cow!

3. I'd say you're ignorant but I'm afraid that would be a compliment to an ignet like you!

4. You're not even smart enough to be ignorant, you're just fucking ignet!
by Mistress Malice May 14, 2004
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