The ignorant way of saying "ignorant"

You ignat ass hoe
Watch his ignat ass
OOh you ignat bitch
by ErikaMP May 19, 2006
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(ig-nat) verb. to go dummy, crazy.
derived from bay area soil.
pull up to the front of the club and go IGNAT!
by WWGIE May 17, 2006
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To be ignorant in a very ghetto way.
Dat thot be ignate af bruh
by muchoman90 June 9, 2016
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(ig-nat) noun. Term of endearment for a fiery and free-spirited person, short for Ignatius.

Can also mean clever but goofy.
Growing up, Kim was such an Ignat.
by GMgma8A8 May 1, 2017
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To describe something that is very nice or fresh.
That car is ignat !!
by Jdawwww April 5, 2019
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ghetto slang for ignitable, or flammable. It's definantly ghetto. It could also be some goofy kid's name
MAN! That peoce of wood is really ignateous!!

That goofy kid's name is Ignateous. What a queer!
by Jake November 12, 2003
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Idi nahui. Commonly used on romanian/russian. In alte cuvinte dute pe pula. A lui Ignat
Woa esti asa suka...Sari pe Ignat
by Daninini510 April 29, 2018
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