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The shiznit. From Japanese, meaning "first," or "number one." Also possibly 'ich'bizl'.
You (tha) ichiban, dude.

Try this - it's tha ichiban, man.

I like something ichiban.

Something is my ichiban.
by Jrznt June 05, 2004
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Japanese word for "number one". A daily opening bit byXM-Sirius Radio personality Ron Bennington of the Ron & Fez Show where he encourages the listeners to call in with what they would consider the number 1 news item of the day. After he says "Ichiban" a sound clip of people chanting "ICH-I-BAN..ICHIBAN!!" is heard before the caller is put on the air.
Good morning Ron & Fez i have an Ichiban for ya...
by Doctor-X August 14, 2010
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Japanese For "Number One" (Ichi Meaning One, and Ban Meaning Number).
"What? You Say Hulk Hogan Can't Wrestle? You Should See Him Wrestle In Japan, He Was Great, The Natives Even Called Him Ichiban"
by Ibble March 09, 2005
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To have attained the highest state of superiority over others; To be one with yourself and part of a group; different
You are sooo Ichiban
by Merqury August 14, 2003
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A slang term used in the Johnny's Entertainment world as your favorite member in a band. Literally means, "number one" in Japanese and is usually used to express your crush.
Yuki: OMG did you see that uchiwa of Ryosuke Yamada!? He's my ichiban!
Keiko: OMG I got the Kota Yabu one, he's my ichiban!
by Keicchan November 22, 2011
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Leon Lai loves his Ichiban!

Dude?! Is this for me?! Wow man, you the Ichiban!
by Jackie Boy!! August 20, 2009
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