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A good found at every Johnny's Entertainment concert. It is a huge fan with an asian idol's face printed on it. Very popular among fangirls.
"damn, that yamapi uchiwa is really hot. i think i have to pre-order it!"

"did you see that girl wave her uchiwa like there was no tomorrow?"

"i bought 20 uchiwas at the concert the other day."
by BtrLuckTomorrow December 18, 2007
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The Japanese word for a non folding traditional fan. Although it is spelled in romanji, and pronounced 'uchiwa' it is written 'uchiha' for the 'ha' charectar takes on a 'wa' sound in certain situations.

Uchiwa can be seen in different kinds of Japanese festivals, as well as in modern plastic form handed out by street marketers in Japan.
"I found this lovely uchiwa to match my yuri pattern kimono."
by insaneuchiha May 14, 2006
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