When one gay marine JAMS a Smirnoff ice up another gay marines ass to pop the top!

When the top comes off; both marines yell "YAHTZEE!"

Ice anal sex tickle tickle gay marines) named Ryan
"I'm going to ICE you when this party dies down, Ryan!"
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by BigChiefTomTom June 08, 2019
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A way how electric vehicle owners call cars with Internal Combustion Engine.

Commonly used to point at gasoline / diesel cars parked at reserved space for electric vehicle charging station.

ICE emit tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere every day. Unfortunately, it takes most of car market share, and it is the reason why ICE is one of major causes of global warming.
Electric car owner: An ICE was parked at free charging station I usually go, so I had to go to paid charging station to charge my car.
by evfan_mint July 28, 2019
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A whore who will try to take advantage of your masculinity
He did you hear ice tried seducing a five year old yesterday
by Hambranbum June 02, 2020
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If you take the first and last letter of Alice u get Ice.
Ur probably wondering what will your next answer for that friend that send u 10 tik toks in a row.

Good luck with that

Ur an adventurous person and ur probably very quirky. U ashame yourself in the streets.
That ice girl is really quirky
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by Quirky gurl May 30, 2020
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Ice is known as gay. It's often denied. But, we all know its true.
Ice is very gay.
by FairyBlue January 22, 2019
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