ittie bittie tittie commitee
Yo dude that girl is part of the ibtc
by Anonymous May 28, 2003
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Acronym for "Itty Bitty Titty Committee". Usually used to describe women (or men) with a lack of flesh mounds.
Latisha is a card-carrying member of the IBTC, I'm suprised she doesn't pay to get some new watermelons.
by Path October 14, 2005
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The most amazing group of women, having small tits, ranging from a small B to AA. The smaller the tits, the higher ranking officer you will be and thus having more power.
"I used to like big tits when I was 15, but now that I'm 30, and my wife's tits cover her vagina, I wish I was with someone from the IBTC!"
by JBO Dude October 25, 2006
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That girl's titty are so small she must be a card carrying member of the IBTC.
by Pittsburgh Brian September 2, 2019
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International Bible Training Center

Its basically a one of a kind group collaboration of the CUTEST FEMALE ASIAN TIKTOKERS known to exist
The members are:

Aimee, Ally, Ryna, Janae, Stephanie, Makayla, Ines, Samantha, Emi, Sarah, Angie, Dev, Lily, Irene, Sophia, Nadine, And Priscilla Mae

•ur local tiktok azn girls•

Oh you should really follow IBTC on Instagram @official.ibtc
Guys they're accepting applications Send them in a ha ha
by IBTC FAN November 8, 2019
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