a player, someone who flirts with every girl and doesn't care who they hurt. Don't let his beautiful Puerto Rican skin fool you, no matter how hot he is. Put some Wasabi sauce in his mashed potatoes when he's not looking.
Man look at that jerk. He's such an ian.
by blahhhhhg March 26, 2009
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Ian is the English form of Iain, which itself is the Scottish form of John. Which is an English name.
You're the Ian that spells hsi name the right way right?

Iain: "Yes, I-a-i-n"
by bean12 February 03, 2010
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Hector: Hey that guy just bathed in pudding!
Jerry: I bet his name is Ian
by GaMeOvEr December 15, 2016
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Ian the Christmas Monkey
Ian the Christmas Monkey. Father Christmas is a relatively new addition to Finnish folklore. Until the late 70's Finnish children believed that their presents were left by Ian the Christmas Monkey.
Upon waking on Christmas morning, the children would grab their bulging stockings and rush out into the snow filled lanes, dancing round and chanting at the tops of their voices, (in Finnish, of course!): "We welcome you oh hallowed Ian, bring us gifts you furry rascal." Over and over. After an hour of almost trance inducing celebration, they would sit in a clearing to compare gifts, and make fun of the children who got crap presents because their parents were poor. Then they would be called in for breakfast.
The tradition Finnish Christmas breakfast would consist of vodka and a crude porridge made not with milk, but semen milked from the family hunting dogs.
Child: Father, shall we be visited by Ian the Christmas Monkey tomorrow, as I am hoping for an x-box.
Father: Silence child, I am milking the dogs; pass me a tissue!
by david mckay February 16, 2007
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The kind of guy who will ditch a party to go see a terrible movie.
person 1: is Ian coming?
person 2: no. i extended the hand of friendship and he spat on it...
by minikyles April 02, 2017
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