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Oh,where to start. Ian is a truly amazing friend. He has the most beautiful bright green eyes and his smile lights up the whole room when he walks in. He comes off as a total jerk,but he's really a nice,funny guy. Ian is also very smart and dorky. He loves searching things he doesn't know about on Google. Ian is always there for you when you need him. That is of course,if you are friends with him. He's a blond at heart. Ian loves video games,television,and movies. Comedy is definitely his favorite genre when it comes to movies and tv. Ian absolutely LOVES to laugh. He'll laugh at almost anything. He's very sweet when he wants to be and cares A LOT about his friends. Ian is my best friend.
Girl#1-Eww it's Ian.
Girl#2-Yuck! Ian..what a jerk!
Girl#4-Hi Ian!
Boy#1-Hey look it's Ian.
Girl#6-You know what people Ian is my best friend so shut up! He's AWESOME!
by awesomeanonymous May 27, 2011

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