Proper noun. the newest iProduct, Steve Jobs' latest endeavour; An unsturdy white shelf that is being force-filled with things that don't belong in it. Objects in the iRack often don't get along with each other, and look as though they don't want to be there. While many people feel as though things should be taken out of the iRack, some others feel that large amounts of money should also be thrown at the iRack, and proceed to do so. There is also no exit strategy for items placed in the iRack. Potentially preceeds the iRan, a new brand of shoe devised to distract people from the crumbling iRack.
People with brains: "No!! Stop putting thins in the iRack!!!"

Person lacking brain: "Ah yes, I hear what you're saying, and the answer is, NO, i will CONTINUE to put things into the iRack, AND i'm ALSO going to throw all our money at the iRack!!!"
by erika86 April 1, 2007
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When a hot and or big breasted girl is using an iPod or other mp3 player and her ear bud cord dangles into her cleavage. Commonly seen at gyms, marathons or other athletic events.
Guy1: OMG look, that chick is workin' an iRack! Nice!
Guy2: Don't look for too long, she might notice.
by runnerman March 29, 2010
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don't buy those old racks, buy the iRACK! it holds all your crap and devices.
the iRack will remove all your needs of finding things to put all your crap on. ditch that table and desk. get the iRACK!
by Apple Manager April 15, 2010
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A shelf to hold all your i items including the: iPod, iRan, iPhone, iBrick, iMac, and iBook. If all these item are on there, grab the iRan and get the fuck out of there!
Man 1: God my iRack sucks!
Man 2: Let's go blow it up!
Man 1: Good idea, let's bomb iRack.
by Chris Rutherford June 12, 2008
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Lefrack, Queens (often mistaken for the middle eastern country *Iraq*)
Noreaga is straight outta Irack
by Melvin_flynt_da hustla November 14, 2003
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The wrong way of pronouncing Iraq.
irack is made up by people who don't know how to pronounce iraq the correct way.
by judenihal August 6, 2008
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irackers, adjective (awesome)
Have an irackers day!

Dude! that move was irackers!
by Guisno October 28, 2014
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