Basically, it's just Quackity. That's it. He walks, talks, stands and coughs like a fucking iPad Kid. Someone, please get him his sippy cup and his dinosaur mac and cheese so he can stop screaming in restaurants while watching Ryan's Toys Review. Please.
Quackity: *sneezes like a toddler*
Chat: "IPAD KID"

Quackity: "did he say anything about me?" *stands like a MF kid who asks "do you have games on your phone?" WHILE ROCKING BACK A FOURTH
by eurphoria March 28, 2021
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kids who have an obsession with games such as roblox. the older type used to ship larry.
are you guys ipad kids?
summer: yes
cal: yes
by Bobisbae March 28, 2022
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A child who is so intensely focused on the iPad their parents gave them (usually in a bulky case, and littered with fingerprints) that they lose all awareness of their surroundings, often randomly contorting their bodies and throwing themselves in awkward ways over furniture, bumping into things, and randomly vocalizing.
My professor's child is a total iPad kid. He was drooling in his hands while playing roblox on the floor of the Jim-n-Nick's yesterday.
by LukesPoetryCorner April 29, 2021
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A kid who is on there iPad almost all day. They also eat while watching yt and never go out side. They also cry when there mother asks them to get off the iPad at any point.
She’s been on her iPad all day she’s an iPad kid
by KalGoc08 July 11, 2022
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A kid whose parent give them an iPad the moment they exit their mum’s pussy. 10 years later their parents wonder why their kid is a kindergarten dropout with no friends whose only exercise is tapping a screen.
We shall never raise an iPad kid

Lefty :Why the fuck is that kid playing a game out loud on their iPad in this restaurant while screaming?
Righty: Because he’s an iPad kid

Lefty:Does little Johnny realise his finger has been up his nose for the past 2 hours while he plays on his iPad with the other hand ?

Righty: I mean no because he’s an IPad kid
by Pain au chocolat March 13, 2021
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*quackity coughs*
chat: “you cough like an ipad kid”
by js155 April 9, 2021
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Dumbass kids who grew up with an tablet/electronic device and lack social skills or common sense they bring there face to the iPad instead of the iPad to there face typically sit with the iPad on there lap and have there face over the ipad
by Koocies February 11, 2021
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