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iFriend, n. 1. One who is used solely for the applications on his or her iPhone.

Definition also applies to other Apple products, i.e., iPod, iTouch, iMac.
Person 1: Hey Jane, can I check my Facebook on your iPhone?
Person 2: Um, actually my name's Julie, but, sure...
Person 3 (to person 1): Do you actually hang out with that girl?
Person 1: No, she's just my iFriend.
by scarvenator March 21, 2009
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Someone to hang out with who has an I-phone, so you don't have to.
I got totally lost downtown, but Mike, my I-friend was with me, so I found the restaurant.
by flyingdog November 20, 2009
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A person known to an individual only through the internet or other electronic linking devices or services.

(NOTE: NOT an apple product mean to keep one company when they feel especially lonely.)
by BernyPark April 13, 2004
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