A statement repeated by girls when they get drunk, especially ones who can't get enough attention when they are sober. This is interchangeable with "I'm SOOO DRUNK."
*yelling while on stipper pole*
by Ryland Brack October 23, 2007
This sorority bitch told me "I'm so drunk", and then i fucked her
by SoCalRob November 5, 2005
1. A quote from the late, great Colonel Sanders 2. A phrase that instantly nullifies all of your opponents points, arguments, etc. 3. The greatest comeback ever
Person 1: "The sky is obviously yellow"
Person 2: "Are you kidding me? That's ridiculous, first of all, the sky is no single color, but a multitude of colors, which reflect to us as a blueish color"
Person 1: "I'm too drunk to taste this chicken"
Person 2: "Damn"
by forcedlife94 December 9, 2011
Saying used by overly drunk men, pulling up their shirt and allowing one of his friends full access to hit him as hard as he can to leave a hand mark that will still be visible come morning.
Brad: You sure you're drunk enough?


by crusherscharisma November 17, 2009