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Definition: A show on VH1 in which many woman compete for the love of rap artist "Flavor Flav". Flavor Flav eliminates whoever he isn't feeling at the end of each week by not giving her a clock and says "your time is up". The winner becomes romantically involved with him and gets a set of "gold grills"

Bias: A show in which a bunch of women who were looking to ADVANCE THEIR CAREERS but never got "discovered" go to get fame and hopefully be discovered. A lot of these women are in a bunch of other reality shows and are willing to go to great lenghts (EVEN MAKING OUT WITH FLAV) just so some producer would probably see them and put them on their porno or something....
Hoopz, PUMPKIN, New York, Red oyster, Krazy etc.....

Hoopz: Yes, I won Flavor Of love!! now I'm already on camera, I can dump him and get on some hip-hop videos. :)
by Alpha6 October 20, 2006
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A VH1 reality show revolving around one man, Flavor Flav, and the 20 women he invites to his house. One of those women becomes Flav's "baby" in the end. Every week, he eliminates 1-5 women and gives the rest of the women a clock each to wear aroud their neck, a sort of reward for not being eliminated (the clocks are given back later). On every episode, the women participate in an event planned by Flav, and near the end of the show, he decides who he's "feelin'" the most. "You'll know what time it is" when you watch the show. IT'S GREAT!!!
I'm gonna watch the show Flavor Of Love this Sunday @ 12PM-1PM or at 10PM-11PM.
by a_girl September 29, 2006
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A show on the cable network VH1 centering around former Hype man searching for a woman to love or fuck,
He brought back that NY chick to fuck on Flavor Of Love 2
by barracksupporter May 18, 2008
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