A show on VH1. Usually cast regular people, and throw in a few whiny, soft, white boys just to piss people off.
Are you going to watch I Love New York tonight??
Yeah! I hope that white cracker is voted off tonight!
by Gram1291 November 10, 2007
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An amazing television show created by the brilliant minds at VH1. It chronicles the dating experiences of Tiffany aka "New York", a graduate of Syracuse University. Viewers first met New York when she was on Flavor of Love, a dating show for Flavor Flav. After being rejected by Flav twice VH1 let New York find love anew. Both seasons include a collection of classy men vying for the love of New York. Through series of challenges such as building dog houses and making New York dinners consisting of Ranch Dressing New York picks men to attend special dates. At the end of each season New York chooses the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with, her one true love. The first season ended with New York being rejected by her selection, however, the second season looks promising with such fine men as Pretty, Budha, Tailor Made and The Entertainer.
"It is not a place where a woman who wears weave and fine jewelry should go!" - New York, from I Love New York

"I'd really like to bring that power saw into the bedroom at some point" -New York

"You make me feel like a big girl" -New York
by Ali and Camille November 20, 2007
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