When you and your partner are having intercourse in a position which both bodies form sides of a triangle, the Hypotenuse is the line of sight. Common positions include Cowgirl, Missionary, Doggy style, etc.

For example, if you’re a tall guy, and you’re fucking a short girl, the Hypotenuse would be skewed favoring you.
Me: Yo dude.
Bro: Wassup?
Me: Yo that Hypotenuse was so skewed last night, the Pythagorean theorem couldn’t even solve it..
by JMehoff October 9, 2020
When your asshole starts to change in form after you have been sitting on the shitter for too long.
Farrrk mate I think I got hypotenuse ayy
by asdfghjuytr August 24, 2021
The mathematical term for the longest line in a right angled tringle . It can most likely be worked out by pythagoras' theorem or SOHCATOA (sin,cos,tan)
Hypotenuse= square root (axa)+(bxb)
by InventDroid December 16, 2017